Headshot: Erin


Elite Designer



  • Grey Coverage
  • Reds
  • Creative Short Haircuting


Self Care Product

All my Aveda hair products, Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner, style prep smoother… MAC makeup!!

Forever Food

Chinese food

Candy on Movie Night

Butterfinger, but boy does it get stuck in my teeth!

Dinner Spot

Really anything is fair game! Mulligans, Panini’s, Winking Lizard are a few

My Wildest Dream is...

To visit Bora Bora & to win the lottery

When Not at JR, You'll Find Me...

With my kids and family, at the grocery store, cooking, and volunteering my time

Greatest Thing I've Streamed

Virgin River, Ted Lasso, Steve Harvey “Banned” is absolutely hysterical

On my Airpods

Hot Country Station